CIS encourages more reading |

CIS encourages more reading

Lee Harstad

For a student celebrating a birthday this year, why not give a gift that can be shared? Craig Intermediate School (CIS) is beginning a program that will allow parents or other interested parties to honor a child’s birthday by buying a book in the child’s name.

To help promote the beginning of the Birthday Books Program, CIS Principal Bruce Gregg bought the first book to be donated. It was sort of a gift to himself as he celebrated his birthday on Thursday. His book, “The Story of Baseball,” like all other books given as gifts, will soon have a plate mounted in the inside cover of the book with Gregg’s name and birth date inscribed.

The art department will design the book plate mounted in the book and the book will remain in the library to be used and shared by present and future CIS students. According to CIS Dean of Students Jean Nadler, parents should consider this as a way to make their child feel an important part of his or her school and to encourage reading.

Another program has been recently designed to encourage the literacy of students at CIS. A program entitled “caught reading” is designed to involve CIS students catching their parents, grandparents or siblings while reading. Students are to take a snapshot of the activity and the photos will be displayed on a bulletin board in the lobby of CIS. Nadler hopes the photographs will be brought to the school to grace the new bulletin board. She anticipates using the snapshots in a scrapbook as the bulletin board becomes filled with people “caught reading.” The scrapbooks will then be placed in the CIS Library.

For more information on these programs, call Jean Nadler or Sandy Feeney at CIS at 824-3287.