Cindy Looper: Stop posturing, start working for solution |

Cindy Looper: Stop posturing, start working for solution

— To the editor,

I am extremely disappointed with the discussions going on about the Visitor Center/Chamber funding.

Everyone talks about the “greater good” and the “big picture.”

Everyone seems to agree that this is all about a power struggle to be in control of how money is spent in this area.

Then the mayor and city representatives say that they should institute a city lodging tax to “trump” the county tax.

The comment was made in the City Council meeting to “let them (the county) have what is left over. Ha, ha.”

If that is not a case of a power play I don’t understand the meaning of the words. Craig is the 800-pound gorilla in Moffat County. The amenities are in Craig, but our assets are in the county. How does threatening to take the money away from the county, to keep entirely in Craig, working for the greater good?

I know I have not been in this town all my life, but I understand the concept of working together. Fostering good relationships is not achieved by threats, public smear campaigns or power plays to show who is the biggest and baddest in the land.

I am sorry that the Chamber did not realize that it could not balance its budget until mid-November.

I think the joint committee being formed by the affected parties should be given a chance to communicate without having to attend meetings every week to put out fires.

Can we stop the posturing in this community long enough to give them a chance to discuss things and find an equitable solution? This is just one person’s opinion, but let’s try to give more than lip service to the concept of working together.

Cindy Looper

Chamber member, MCTA board member, citizen of Craig and Moffat County, and business owner


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