Chuck Mack: Two new knees and ready to roll |

Chuck Mack: Two new knees and ready to roll

— Alberta and I used to love to hike for miles into some of the remote mountain streams fishing for brook trout.

But as the years wore on, all that hiking took its toll on my knees until I got to the point where the past several years, I couldn’t do it anymore. We tried hiking to a couple of streams not too far from the main road last summer, and my knees refused to even let me do that.

Last summer, we did a lot of camping with the family and our great-grandson, Nathaniel. On one of hike where I had to give up the walk, Nathaniel said “Grampy, you are going to have to get yourself two new knees so you can walk with me.”

That did it.

I decided right then and there I would get those two new knees Nathaniel wanted me to have.

So, last fall I contacted Dr. Michael Sisk and set up an appointment to have my knees examined. The x-rays showed my knees were completely worn out. That was no surprise to me because I had been walking on the painful things for several years.

An appointment was set up for Dec. 13 to replace my right knee, which was done at The Memorial Hospital. That surgery went like a piece of cake, and in the following weeks the folks at Rehabilitation Services of Craig got that new knee up into running condition in a hurry.

An appointment was made for Feb. 28 to replace the left knee. That surgery went even smoother than the first. And after only seven more weeks of therapy at Rehabilitation Services of Craig, I was walking around on two brand new knees that worked better than the old ones had, even before they wore out.

Dr. Sisk told me before the summer was out, I would be running 20 miles a day. My wife Alberta told him I would be running by myself if that was the case.

Anyhow, these two new knees now feel so darn good that once in while, I have to break loose and run like an old mule headed for the barn. So, I called Dr. Sisk and let him know that I was up into running condition, and I would call him back when I got to the 20-mile limit.

So, like I said earlier, last summer I couldn’t keep up with my 6-year-old great-grandson walking. This summer, we’ve been camping several times on Rabbit Ears already and Nathaniel has been with us. Nathaniel is just as happy as his Grampy with the new knees.

Grampy can walk again, and we’ve walked in to some of the streams that we hadn’t been able to get to for several years.

I promised Nathaniel that we would show him all of our remote fishing streams. The ones we showed him so far have been to his delight; we just let Nathaniel do most of the fishing, and he can catch all the brookies we need to fill a skillet.

One of our hikes was down Muddy Creek. It was almost as fabulous and exciting as Nathaniel had envisioned from what we were telling him. He was kind of expecting one big waterfall plunging off the mountain, instead of lots of smaller waterfalls doing the same thing.

We walked down to where the irrigation flume connects with Muddy Creek, and then Nathaniel and I walked a long ways down the pipeline. Nathaniel said “Grampy you should write a story about this wonderful place.”

I told him Alberta and I had been down this stream many times, I had written a story about it, and I would write another story about that wonderful place and he would be in it.

But I told him we were too busy camping, fishing and having fun so that story would have to wait for a slacker time.

So, in the following weeks, I will submit some of my stories written back a few years, when I still could walk with the old knees. Then I’ll write some of the stories of what it’s like walking with the new knees.

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