Chuck Mack: Trash becomes treasure |

Chuck Mack: Trash becomes treasure

— I have no idea how many Prince Albert tobacco cans I have used to hold worms when I was fishing, the tobacco tins made the best bait can in the world.

Funny how things we used to throw away are now worth lots of money. I saw a Prince Albert tobacco can in the antique shop the other day, it wasn’t in the best of shape, being kind of rusty and dented; so all they were asking for it was $7.50.

Used to be able to buy them for 10 cents when they were full of tobacco. And now you tell me that times haven’t changed?

Now, the way I’ve got it figured, if I would have saved every Prince Albert tobacco can I came across – instead of using them for fish bait – at today’s prices, I would be rich. Of course, if I would have saved all the milk bottles, lard cans, etc. and had them all today to dispose of, I would be a multi-millionaire.

Anyhow, I can look back on the good old days and think how many antiques I have destroyed. Back in the days when they were nothing more than useless junk.