Chuck Mack: Gloomy days are here; bring on the sunshine |

Chuck Mack: Gloomy days are here; bring on the sunshine

— What gloomy days we’ve been having.

When the days are dark, cloudy, damp and gloomy. That is just the way I feel. I will admit I’m a sunshine type of person, some people run on vitamin E. I run on vitamin C. It is for sure I’m a sunshine person, for when it’s dark and gloomy I feel the same way – dark and gloomy.

Anyhow, it never got out of the 30s yesterday with that horrible wind blowing from the north; and then along about bedtime it started raining and rained most throughout the night. It quit raining about daylight, but it’s still dark and gloomy and still in the 30s.

But I know there is nothing I can do about the weather, except cuss. And I realize that cussing the weather is not a worthwhile thing to do. So, I guess I’ll just continue being blue; waiting for a sunshiny day.

So I can play.

Been sitting in front of the computer a lot, too darned much.

But I’m gathering all kinds of information from the online newspaper articles pertaining to the coal mines of Routt and Moffat counties in Northwest Colorado. I thought I already had gathered information of some sort on about all the

coal mines that ever operated in the area of the Yampa coal fields.


Until now, I didn’t have a fraction of the information on the mines. But I have it now; enough darned information to write several large volume books.

I guess that’s what a person gets for getting to thinking that they know everything. Just about the time they get to believing they know everything something comes along convincing them they don’t know very much at all.

Hey, I just looked out the window because it got a lot brighter inside. Golly, I see a teeny tiny bit of blue sky, and the clouds are turning from dark to light. Maybe I’m going to see a ray of sunshine to improve my disposition.

Talk to you later.