Chuck and Ginger Osborn: Thank you city workers |

Chuck and Ginger Osborn: Thank you city workers

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

Long story short — we have great crews working for the city of Craig!

At about noon on Dec. 6 my husband arrived home from church and greeted me with the news that we had water gushing from three different places in the street at the end of our driveway. His phone call to the city was returned promptly by Adam, (sorry we didn’t get your last name) who came to our house immediately.

Within less than an hour the water was shut off at our curb-stop and there was a city crew working with a backhoe, dump truck and muscle power.

At 9 p.m.,having located the problem and repaired it (a totally corroded connection at the main line in the street, causing terminal fatigue and disconnect).

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The crew ensured that the excavation site was properly barricaded and lighted before leaving.

Fun Sunday afternoon and evening, huh?!

Monday morning found the crew (and more) back at the job of being sure that the street was safely put back together before they left sometime in the afternoon. We never saw anyone take a supper or lunch break. We were impressed and pleased at the response to our report. Keep up the great work!

FYI to our Woodbury neighbors — our home was built in1979 — 36 years to terminal fatigue and failure. Many of the houses in this area were built in the same era.

TO ALL: Christmas Blessings and Best Wishes for Health and Happiness in 2016.

Chuck and Ginger OsbornChuck and Ginger Osborn

Chuck and Ginger Osborn