Christy Beckerman: Good people in county |

Christy Beckerman: Good people in county

As the shutters of cabin fever slowly open, I am reminded that there are still many more kind and good people in this county than evil. Recently, on one of Moffat County’s icier mornings, I was headed to town (and yes, driving too fast for the conditions) and realized too late that I was not going to be able to stop or make the corner.

Shaken, but mostly embarrassed, there I was, stuck in the ditch. Within moments, a kind couple in a truck stopped to check on me. And then, the very next vehicle to approach was a kind man driving a truck (that carried a tow rope), who also stopped. Those nice people had me out of the ditch in moments. When I offered to pay, I was denied and told “that’s what neighbors are for” — even though we didn’t know each others’ names. It so lightened my heart.  

By then, other “neighbors” and onlookers were on scene, but not one was there to tease or humiliate me for my actions; they just wanted to make sure I was safe. I share this experience to thank all the good neighbors already out there, and to reflect on how much of a difference an act of kindness can make in another person’s life. Thank you again, kind neighbors.

Christy Beckerman