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Christmas at Pipi’s Pasture

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

Soft snow is falling on Pipi’s Pasture. It’s a Christmas card scene for sure. As I watch the snow fall, I’m thinking about this year’s Christmas season. I will remember it for the warm memories, particularly those memories of giving from the heart.

For example, a week or so ago our daughter-in-law, Brandi, called to get some family mailing addresses. She said she would be mailing out some packages, and when we received ours we should open it right up because the contents were perishable.

So I picked up the box at the post office, brought it home, and sliced open the packing tape. It took a little effort to open the bubble wrap that covered the contents, but the wrap had done its job. The contents were in perfect shape.

My husband Lyle and I pulled out a large, decorated bowl that was heaped full of homemade goodies. I felt like a child who was looking at candy through a glass case in a store. There were so many different kinds of treats, and they were festively packaged with red and green ribbons.

There were tiny decorated cookies in push-up containers, topped with Santa faces and red Christmas hats. Marshmallows with peppermint handles rested on chocolate in muffin cups. Scattered throughout the bowl were chocolate-dipped treats with lollipop stick handles. Five or six cookies of different varieties were packaged in cellophane bags and tied with holiday ribbons, and serving sizes of cakes (banana nut, lemon, and cranberry) were wrapped in cellophane. There were chocolate-covered peppermint candies, too, and underneath it all, at the bottom of the bowl, was a linen towel made of a print designed with red, yellow and green peppers.

I sat there looking at the gift, and tears welled up in my eyes. I thought of the love and time that went into making the gift. Later, Brandi told me that they had purchased the bowls (because they made several such gifts) and towels earlier in the year. She explained that they chose the large bowl for us because I make pasta salad for branding lunch, and the bowl is just the right size for the salad.

Brandi and our granddaughter Megan spent four days baking and putting together the treats. Luckily, school had been called off at Bailey, where our family lives, for three or four days due to the snow and cold, giving Megan the opportunity to help in the kitchen.

I’m sure that our son Jamie and grandson Kenny probably “supervised” the kitchen activities and were the tasters, but they also contributed the bubble wrap for packaging. The bubble wrap holds special memories for them because it was used to wrap frozen moose meat that they brought back on the plane with them when they returned home from a hunting trip in Alaska.

So the gift we received involved the entire family. It came from the heart, and that’s what Christmas is all about.

There are other family stories of love this Christmas, too, such as the generosity of grandson Kenny when he helped secure toys for children in a recent downtown Denver event and the kindness of the family members in helping others in need this holiday season. This applies to other family members, too, like my sister Darlene and husband Miner from Rocky Ford (who visited us on a whirlwind trip to Craig a couple of days ago) and talked about plans to buy food and toys for their community residents who need a little help this holiday season. Darlene and Miner also talked about their plans to get a soup kitchen started in their community.

All of this is to illustrate what I mean by the warm feelings that will always be associated with Christmas 2013. Holiday greetings from our family to yours.


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