Christina M. Currie: The fashion invasion |

Christina M. Currie: The fashion invasion

Christina M. Currie

I actually got the girls out of bed to go through a box of clothes and shoes that Aunt Cathy sent.

We’d been waiting for those boxes for about three weeks (but don’t tell Cathy I said that, or she’ll think I’m complaining and threaten to stop sending stuff) so, by the time it got here, we were pretty excited.

Because I called them out (they weren’t really sleeping anyway), I’ll take full responsibility for the insanity that ensued.

First is just getting into the packages. The clothes were boxed, taped shut, wrapped and sealed with about 10 feet of what looked like medical tape.

There were two of them.

I should have waited until I got them open to get the girls, but … what parent actually has that kind of foresight?

The girls thought I would move faster if they helped. Yeah, that bumped me up to the speed of backward.


Katie kept winding the tape backward, meaning she was actually putting it back on.

When we finally got in, the real fun began. The girls like to dump the boxes out and sift through the contents. I like to pull them out one at a time.

I won the argument with the first thing they saw — bathing suits complete with little plastic grass skirts. They were minimally interested in the rest of the box. Those suits were all they’d ever wanted.

Now, Katie loves Aunt Cathy because of the “pretty, awesome, cool” stuff she sent (isn’t her vocabulary terrific?).

Guess what they wore to bed that night?

If you’ve looked at my girls and thought they were cute, Aunt Cathy is the only reason for that.

I like simplicity. Mornings at my house are hard enough without wondering which shoes match Katie’s shorts the best or which hair accessory will bring out Nikki’s eyes.

I’m a ponytail and tennis shoe kind of girl.

Aunt Cathy, on the other hand, thinks that if you’ve got something on your head, it should match your underwear.

I thought my girls would need to be teenagers to appreciate that. Boy was I off. I guess they just have to be girls.

Katie and Nikki come home at night and before bedtime already have worn four pairs of shoes.

It’s strange — my girls generally prefer to run around in nothing more than their underwear. Almost overnight, they’re re-evaluating their wardrobes, and Katie can identify capri pants from 10 paces even when they’re folded.

I’m not sure I’m ready for the fashion invasion.

I’m sure I’m not fashion-savvy enough.

Thank God for Aunt Cathy. I think it will just be easiest if I ship the girls to her.

I wonder if I’ve got enough tape?

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