Christina M. Currie: Love is … sharing toothpaste |

Christina M. Currie: Love is … sharing toothpaste

Katie had her first sleepover this week.

It was a boy.

It was a little risque, I know. Especially considering that she and her guest, Graham, love each other, but they’re also 4, so I expect that they’ll get over it eventually.

Graham is Katie’s second love. Andy was the first, but Katie’s love for Andy went unrequited. The good thing about shy little Graham is that he loves her back.

He prepared for their evening together. His faced was freshly washed and his hair neatly combed. Rumor has it that he even changed clothes for the encounter. Ooh, la, la.

Katie on the other hand, answered the door with her face covered in spaghetti sauce. When she saw it was Graham, she didn’t know what to do. She ran into her room and ran out again and then ran back.

She eventually settled on an ice breaker. She grabbed her new toothpaste and brought it out to show Graham. No, she hadn’t brushed her teeth, nor did she have plans to. She just loves the idea that she’s got the Crest easy-squeeze tube so much that she has taken it to preschool and has slept with it on more than one occasion (I have not allowed that. She snuck out of bed and took it out of the bathroom. I only found it the next morning).

Her sharing her toothpaste indicates the beginning of a bond that not many relationships can boast.

I’m pleased to say that Graham quickly became comfortable at my house and forgot his misgivings about being away from his mother.

He was fine until bedtime. He did not want to spend the night and demanded that his mother come get him.

I used the old fall back — lie.

I told him she’d be there as soon as he fell asleep (OK, only I know it was a lie. To him, it happened exactly like I said it would).

Katie was crushed when she found out that she was still required to sleep in her bed and not in the living room with Graham.

She managed to fall asleep, though, after only six or seven trips to check on her buddy.

When Katie awoke, Graham was gone. (Don’t even get me started.)

She wasn’t as upset as I expected. Nikki, on the other hand, was. She wasn’t awake 30 seconds before asking about him.

When I told her he was gone, she cried, “but, I love him!”

Ouch. I can handle the sleepover, but I’m not sure what to do when my two girls both love the same boy, although I’m OK making them have a clean off for him. Whoever spends the most time cleaning house in a week wins.

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