Christina M. Currie: Disconnection Day |

Christina M. Currie: Disconnection Day

I dropped Katie off at school today.

We were almost on time.

She went inside, I drove away.

Turns out, there was no school that day.

I learned that when I arrived at the preschool. Oh, Nikki had school. That’s not what gave it away.

What gave it away were the strange looks on the teachers’ faces when I arrived and the cryptic “there’s a message for you upstairs.”

I couldn’t imagine what type of emergency would cause someone to track me down at a preschool at 8:15 in the morning.

Turns out it was Katie’s school.

Could I be any worse of a mother? Who does that?

Evidently, kindergartners were involved in this thing called “Family Connection Day.” Kids go to school at an appointed time for about an hour and then they’re out the rest of the day.

The problem is, they’re supposed to come with one of their parents.

So, when I returned to Katie’s school, she was happily connecting with her teacher.

What’s worse, is I hadn’t made previous arrangements to stay the hour and work through the learning centers with my daughter.

Katie did one project with her teacher and one with me. I promised her we would do two more centers at home.

I really don’t have any idea what “centers” to provide. If I had my preference, we’d go to the “clean-up center” and the “eat-all-your-dinner center,” but I really don’t think that’s what Katie had in mind when she cried because we were leaving.

Isn’t that my luck? Katie cries about going to school nearly every day. The day she doesn’t have to, she cries about not going.

Then again, when your mother drops you off somewhere you’re not supposed to be, maybe you do want to stick with the first person who helps you cut out fish-shaped pieces of colored construction paper.

But I think her real issue is that Nathan came in just as we were leaving. There’s something there. Her face lit up as she raced to tell him hello and his face sported a faint flush.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Perhaps if I weren’t so busy contending for the Worst Mother of the Year award, I’d look into that.

But perfection takes time.

Christina M. Currie can be reached at 824-7031, ext. 210, or

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