Christina Currie: Recognize those who make contributions |

Christina Currie: Recognize those who make contributions

I am appalled by the recent letters to the editor criticizing Maurits de Blank for the investment he has made in our community and his frank comments about his first impression of Craig.

Maurits de Blank knew Craig’s economy was on the upswing, but his first impression of the town, aesthetically, was deterring. He stayed anyway, and by the time he finished with lunch he learned something those who live here already know: It’s the people of this community who make it so special.

De Blank told his story to the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership and helped spur that group’s interest and investment in beautification. That effort continues today.

It is only by being open to these types of observations that we can improve our community. I, for one, am always grateful when someone shares their impression about the town I love and helps to make it a better place.

Maurits de Blank came to Craig looking to make an investment. He took a building that was in very poor condition and remodeled it. He hired a local woman and business owner to manage the complex. He participates in community events and public meetings when he is able and his manager attends in his stead when he is not.

To those who criticize, I ask: Do you do the same thing? Are you also actively working to improve this community?

There are many companies working in Moffat County that do not “give back” to the community and do not participate in the processes that can make it a better place.

Maurits is not one of them.

Maurits de Blank has shared his wonderful impression of the town with others and has several of them looking at Craig for possible investment opportunities such as housing developments, apartment construction, even dormitories.

Do we not want their money? Do we not need that investment? Are we fine without that infrastructure?

I was born in Craig and would not be doing the work I do if I didn’t have a deep love for this community and the people who live here. Anyone who comes to this town, takes the time to truly appreciate it for the magnificent place it is and puts money and effort into improving it is worthy of praise and support in my book. Shame on those who do not recognize the positive impact people like that can have on our community.

Christina Currie

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