Christina Currie: Be cautious of solicitation |

Christina Currie: Be cautious of solicitation

— To the editor:

I received a message from a very angry gentleman who complained that he’d gotten a very rude call from a man who was collecting donations on behalf of the Craig Chamber of Commerce.

The man who called me did not leave his name or a number at which he could be reached, which was unfortunate because we were unable to get many details about the solicitation.

Thankfully, another caller informed me that she had been solicited by the “Junior Chamber of Commerce,” which was collecting pledges for a food bank. The caller was an adult, and not very friendly.

If this is a legitimate fundraiser, it is not affiliated with the Craig Chamber of Commerce.

I would like to thank the people who called to verify before making a contribution and urge all residents to be cautious when being solicited for funding – particularly over the phone. Moffat County is full of extremely generous residents, and we would hate for anyone to be leery of giving to a good program because they had been the victim of a scam in the past.

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Happy holidays to you and yours.

Christina Currie

Craig Chamber of Commerce executive director