Chris Gingrich: Playing through the rough patches |

Chris Gingrich: Playing through the rough patches

Chris Gingrich

OK, it’s time for a little strategy talk this week.

I was reading some Yahoo user comments on the fantasy baseball message board this week, like I usually do. I came across one user who had a very good idea in terms of overall team strategy.

His basic premise was that you should stick with the team you drafted and only make moves if necessary, like in the case of an injury.

He suggested sticking it out when your team goes through a rough patch and not to drop players who are performing sluggishly just to pick up some player who is on a hot streak that will end as soon as you add them.

His trophy case seemed to back this theory up, too.

He went on to say that every time he added and dropped players, he finished in the bottom half of the standings, and when he stuck with the team he drafted, he never finished out of the top three.

So here is my suggestion to you fantasy players out there.

Give it a try.

Try to stick it out with players who are going through a rough spot and only drop a player if necessary. I know it’s tempting to drop a player who is performing poorly for a suddenly hot player.

But, stick to your guns and see what happens when you keep your team intact all year, or what is left of the year.

I’d like to put this theory to the test by showing you how many moves I’ve made in four of my leagues and what place I’m in.

In the private league I’m in, I’ve made 28 moves since the beginning of the season and I find myself in first place.

This team has went through a lot of outfielders so far, but as is stands now, I’m happy with the Pedroia Destroyers.

The second team, Prince Albert (named for my first baseman Albert Pujols), is in third place with 22 moves made so far. With this team, I’ve been going for the hot hand off the waiver wire, but I think I’ll put a stop to that and quit while I’m ahead.

My lowest ranking team so far, the Holliday Hellcats, is in eighth place with 18 moves made.

It’s almost the same story as the last team: I’ve went for the hot hand off the waiver wire and paid the price after they fizzled out.

My last team, in third place, has 21 moves to its credit.

The most notable add and drop was adding Elijah Dukes and dropping Mike Aviles.

I’m hoping Aviles can turn it around soon so I can pick him up again, because when all is said and done this year I’m sure he’ll still have a good season.

That’s it for this week people, see you next week.

Craig resident and Fantasy Fix columnist Christopher Gingrich can be reached at

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