Chris Currie: Hair today, gone tomorrow |

Chris Currie: Hair today, gone tomorrow

Christina M. Currie

Katie got her hair cut just in time for the holidays.

She did it herself. One chunk cut from the middle of her bangs about half an inch from her skull using meat cutting scissors.

It’s not as attractive as she thinks it is.

The biggest problem is the people who look at it and say “oh pretty.” They’re not too sincere, but Katie doesn’t know that.

Yeah, she needs more encouragement.

It’s sad, but I didn’t even notice she’d done it at first. This is a story that doesn’t make me look very bright, but I’ll share it anyway.

I saw the chair pushed up to the counter and the big kitchen scissors lying there. Instantly “haircut” popped into my head. Then just as quickly it disappeared. I don’t know why I never followed up, but in the back of my mind I guess I gave Katie the benefit of the doubt, thinking she’d come to her senses in time.

I put the girls in the tub and washed their hair. Got them out of the tub and combed Katie’s hair. Took her into the bathroom and got out the blow dryer. I was just going to curl her bangs under a little.

It was then I discovered she no longer had any bangs.

It’s embarrassing how long it took me to discover.

Then I noticed that Nikki’s hair had been trimmed, too. A little more care was used so that some locks were shortened, but none in a way anyone else would notice.

Now, I realize this is an experience many parents have and the one chunk missing from Katie’s hair is a lot less than others have faced. But you have to consider that my girl is 4 years old and has NEVER had a haircut.

Now, don’t visualize a girl with long golden locks. In four years, Katie has only managed to push out shoulder-length tresses.

What that means is Katie will start school before I even have a chance to even out the damage she’s done.

I just keep telling myself it could’ve been worse. Ask aunt Candice.

She was very young when mom brought her home with the most adorable Dorothy Hamill haircut. I still have the pictures. The number taken indicates exactly how proud mom was of Candice’s new haircut.

I guess it was that pride that drove Candice to the bathroom with scissors in hand — the thought “if she’s likes it now, she’ll like it more if …”

Candice snuck out of the bathroom, crept into the living room and then jumped out shouting “ta da.”

Mom wept.

Candice had not been as restrained as Katie. She chopped huge hunks of hair from all over her head.

We have pictures of that, too.

Not because there was any pride associated with the action, but because portraits were scheduled. I think that was the start of Candice’s nickname “Andy.”

She had a boyish look.

Thinking back, I’m well aware that I got off easy. But, seeing those pointy hairs right in the middle of Katie’s forehead still causes me to grimace. It’s just as well that their Christmas dress came with hats. Just wish we could find Katie’s.

My luck, it’s in shreds at the bottom of the toy box.

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