‘Choose what kind of day you’ll have’: Five minutes with Kirk McKey, 58, owner of McKey Chiropractic Clinic

Andy Bockelman
Kirk McKey displays his wall of fame at McKey Chiropractic Clinic, which includes clientele like entire families, area athletes and a former Colorado governor. McKey has lived in Moffat County since the 1970s, is an avid golfer and also serves as county coroner.
Andy Bockelman

Where is your hometown? “A little town in central Mississippi named Utica. It’s probably about the size of Meeker.” When did you first move to Craig? “October of 1979. I came out here for skiing in the spring, and then decided to move out here. I love Colorado. Craig’s been a great place to raise kids.”

Motto or outlook on life? “Be thankful for what you’ve got every day. Another idea I think is good is that you choose what kind of day you’ll have.”

When did you first get started in your job? “1976. My cousin suffered from headaches and he went to a chiropractor who took care of it. That’s when I started to look into it and decided that’s what I wanted to do.”

Favorite part of life in Northwest Colorado? “The open spaces. There’s so much land that you have access to go out and enjoy like Freeman Reservoir and Browns Park.”

Favorite meal from a local restaurant? “I’d say the smothered green chili burrito at The OP on Thursday nights. The other one would be gumbo at J.W. Snack’s on Friday.”

Dream vacation? “Tahiti. You can see the constellation the Southern Cross there.”

Nightmare vacation? “Fargo, N. D. It’s definitely not on my bucket list.”

Song you could listen to 1,000 times and still enjoy it? “Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Just One Look.’ He’s talking about the first time seeing the islands in the Caribbean.”

Favorite spot in Moffat County? “Yampa Valley Golf Course. It’s the best-kept secret on the Western Slope.”

A different line of work you believe would suit you well? “I think I’d enjoy being a teacher, like a science teacher probably at the college level, kids who are choosing to continue their education.”

Proudest accomplishment? “Raising two boys. One’s graduating from (Colorado State University) next month with a degree in mechanical engineering and the other’s in his second year at Black Hills State University studying human resources.”

Most embarrassing moment? “We were going to Lake Powell one summer, and we were all using tanning beds to build a base before we went. When I got to work, I noticed the people were all giggling and laughing and I couldn’t figure out why until I went out and saw the little shorts I was wearing for tanning had fallen out of my vehicle and were lying in the parking lot. And they were pretty small. (Laughs) There was another time when I was talking on the phone in my office, and I realized there was someone I needed to call, so I went to get the number and I was asking where my phone was before I figured it out it was still in my hand.”

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