Children’s author visits Craig |

Children’s author visits Craig

Lee Harstad

Vickie Leigh Krudwig brought her creativity to Craig Thursday and shared it with area students. The children’s book author and illustrator presented her innovative ideas to students in grades two through six in downtown Craig.

The presentation was for kids who were nominated by their teachers for showing an interest in writing and illustrating. Activities Thursday started with a visit to Northwest Pawn Shop on Yampa Avenue.

Krudwig explained to students they were to choose an item in the pawn shop and take notes about it. Students were encouraged to ask questions and immerse themselves in learning about the different items is the store. After researching the object, students took notes about it but the true task was yet come.

Students were told to write about what it would be like if they were to transform and become that object.

Some creative ideas were flowing within the walls of the pawn shop. Students examined all the shop had to offer and found creative bursts around each corner. From shovels and pitchforks to video games and kettle snakes, students were able to discover and explain many different items.

Two participants in the workshop, Devyn Reece, 8, and John Strahan, 9, became inventive about a telescope. The two proclaimed many ideas relating to extraterrestrial life. They thought it would be interesting to pretend they were part of what can be viewed by looking through the telescope and what it would be like to live on other planets. Krudwig enthusiastically encouraged them to continue and write down their thoughts.

Krudwig wants to teach students about the writing process. Critiquing, proofreading, editing and other steps necessary to produce a literary work are stressed during Krudwig’s presentations.

“They are learning to submit and how to take that first step,” Krudwig said.

Krudwig is under contract to finish a book by Wednesday and she will be back in Craig to follow-up her presentation on that day. She is the author of numerous books including “Cucumber Soup” and “Hiking through Colorado History.” She will also have a book signing event at On The Shelf Bookstore on Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.