Cherish your loved ones, let them know they’re appreciated |

Cherish your loved ones, let them know they’re appreciated

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

This past week I decided it was time to put away the birthday cards I had received, having enjoyed looking at them as they sat atop my entertainment center. Taking time to reread each card I reflected on the message and the connection I had with the person who sent it to me. The conclusion I ended up with was how blessed I am and how wonderful it was to know all of these wonderful people from so many various places. It so special to receive the phone calls and talk to those whom wanted to personally wish me happy birthday by dropping in on me with an impromptu birthday party given by my family, and yes watermelon was involved.

One thought led to another and memories of birthday celebrations past and family gatherings flooded in. Times have changed our family gatherings due to various circumstances but the main factor remains. The feeling of love, friendship and just plain belonging to people who you know really care deeply and are there when it really counts.

This I truly believe is why we stay together, through thick and thin, disagreements and challenges, forgiving and going on giving support to each other if not in person than in spirit. This wonderful thing called unconditional love, when you don’t give up on someone simply because they don’t meet your expectations instead you try to understand and be there for them regardless if they need you. My belief is unconditional love is loving someone enough to say “no” or “I’m sorry” or “I don’t like you much right now but I still love you.” Don’t be afraid to let someone you care about know you are thinking of them, after all today will be tomorrow soon and for some tomorrow may never come.

A belated birthday wish goes out to Ron Moran and Andy Bockelman. Also wishes to Leon Walker and Maxine DeLong.

Get well wished to Patrick Butler, Rick Bellin, Amanda Foote, Elsie Chase and all those recovering from and illness of any type.

Back to School supply lists are now out at local department stores, so it won’t be long now before kids will be riding bikes and buses or walking to school.

Don’t forget Friday potluck at Sunset Meadows 1 at noon every Friday.

Hope to see you there.

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