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Group having success

Bruce Tippets

— The Northwest Colorado Wildkats, a cheerleading squad, has been making a name for itself over the past few months and according to coach Dawn Rader, more than 20 girls are on the team.

“We have 22 girls on the squad,” said Rader. “We have lost a couple and gained a couple. They are doing great this year. One of our girls left and she is cheering for the seventh grade team. She was one of my oldest ones and she was our cheer captain.”

Girls from ages 6 to 12 compete for the Wildkats.

Rader wants to create cheerleading excitement for the future and that’s why she formed the Wildkats back in March.

“Cheerleading is a lot of work and these girls have to be in great shape,” said Rader. “I am hoping to promote, through this younger generation, that cheerleading can be a lot of fun.”

Rader encourages more girls to come out for the squad.

“I would love to have more girls out for the team,” she said. “The kids want this type of program and it is affordable. I think that it is a great program and I encourage everybody to come out.”

Rader hopes to see a mixture of boys and girls on the Wildkats.

“We still have all girls,” Rader said. “The boys are the strength of the team. They are the ones that toss the girls up and they are the vocals. The boys are the support group for the girls.”

Rader said the Wildkats have been involved in Grand Olde West Days, the Fourth of July parade in Meeker and the parade in Hayden last weekend.

“The girls are doing great and it has only been six months since we started the program,” said Rader. “Their tumbling is incredible. We are looking forward to regionals at the cheer competition in Grand Junction on November, 20.

“We are going to be working on a new dance for regionals,” she added. “The music is quick and fast with different songs. They are going to have a whole new dance. It will be faster and we are going to put stunts into it.”

For more information, stop by the Wildkat Gym on Monday and Wednesday in the Centennial Mall from 3:15 p.m. to 5 p.m and ask for Dawn Rader.