Cheerleaders always out in front |

Cheerleaders always out in front

Bruce Tippets

The Moffat County High School junior varsity and varsity cheerleader teams may be small in numbers this fall, but one thing is for sure they will always be cheering no matter what the scoreboard reads.

According to coach Kamisha Begay, the two teams are made up of underclassmen.

“We are kind of in a rebuilding year on the varsity team,” said Begay. “We have three juniors, two sophomores on the varsity team. We have four freshmen on the junior varsity team. The biggest number of girls we have had on varsity is 10 and the lowest we have had is this year and that is five girls.”

Begay said the cheerleading squad covers the freshmen, junior varsity and varsity football teams and soccer teams.

“During homecoming week we help the cross country team because they have a home meet and we cheer for them,” said Begay. “In the winter we cover girls and boys basketball.”

Begay wants more girls to come out for the team in November.

“We have tryouts for the fall sports in the spring,” said Begay. “Then we have tryouts in November for the winter season. We are hoping that more girls come out for the team in November.”

Her enthusiasm carries over to the cheerleaders.

“I like cheerleading because it’s fun,” said junior Misty Swanson. “I like all the girls on the team and we have a lot of fun. It keeps me in shape.”

Sophomore Marlene Smith said practice isn’t a picnic.

“We do gymnastics every Wednesday,” said Smith. “We have to run the mile almost every day. We have two weeks of two-a-days before school starts in August and right now we are practicing every day for two hours after school.”

At the varsity football games, when the Bulldogs score a touchdown, the cheerleaders do push-ups.

“Even if we are losing really bad we cheer to keep the crowd happy,” said Swanson. “I like all the cheers that we do, but I like dancing the most. I don’t like doing the push ups, but you just have to suck it up and do it. I think that it is fun when the crowd gets into it. It pumps you up.”

The cheerleaders enjoy going on the football trips out of town.

“I like going on the away trips, they are a lot of fun,” said Smith. “We get to meet the other cheerleaders. It’s kind of hard to cheer on the away trips because we don’t have a lot of fans.”