Charmed by Craig children, Sandrock Elementary counselor Shaundra Patrick finds place to shine |

Charmed by Craig children, Sandrock Elementary counselor Shaundra Patrick finds place to shine

Sandrock Elementary School Counselor Shaundra Patrick loves working with children.
Sasha Nelson/staff

CRAIG — Sandrock Elementary School counselor Shaundra Patrick never imagined working with children when she was studying for her master’s degree. However, some of her youngest clients charmed themselves into her heart, and now, she can’t imagine a job she’d love more.

When she and her husband decided to relocate from the Front Range to the Western Slope where her husband grew up, Patrick found employment at East Elementary, where she worked for two years.

She was one of many educators from East who transferred when the school was repurposed in 2018, finding a new home at Sandrock.

Working with about 360 students affords Patrick the opportunity to boost children who are well-supported, as well as to address deficiencies for students who need a little extra attention. She said it wasn’t possible for her to choose two students to spotlight this week, because all of the children at Sandrock are amazing.

Craig Press:  Have you taught in other places besides Moffat County? If so, where?

Shaundra Patrick: No.

What were you like as a student? 

As a student I liked school. I was a rule-follower, though I was quite chatty!

Why did you choose Moffat County?

My husband grew up in the area. I loved the close community that is present in Moffat County.

How has your education, training, and work experiences qualified you for your role?

I previously worked in crisis and as a mental health counselor serving kids ages 3 to 11. Both of those roles have been essential to adapting to a school environment.

What do you do if your students don’t “get it?”

Validate their struggle, and find a different approach that may be more effective for that student.

How do you measure your success as an educator?

By the changes in the students.

How are you involved in the community outside school?

Church. Alongside my husband, we offer a Bible rodeo camp in the summer.

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