Charley Brown: Officials’ comments on energy disturbing |

Charley Brown: Officials’ comments on energy disturbing

I found the article in the Saturday Daily Press very interesting, the comments by two county commissioners and the Natural Resource director disturbing.

After many years, the oil and gas commission is not dominated by the energy industry. To me, this is a good thing.

With the price of oil and natural gas, I find the idea that some well thought-out regulations will chase the energy companies away a little ridiculous. That they would move to another western state, most of which have a higher severance tax, is not likely.

If oil and gas companies have to wait 60 days to drill, this, in the long-range scheme of things, is not very long. I believe that with the change of politics in Colorado in the last year, it might be time for the County Commissioners to be a little more compromising and cooperative.

The energy industry has some very good paid spokesmen. I don’t believe we need the commissioners or the Natural Resources director to speak for them.

I write this letter because I love this country and would hate to see shortsighted decisions by our country officials mess it up.

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Charley Brown

Retired District Wildlife Manager

of the DOW – Craig-Maybell