Charley Brown: Enforcing the law |

Charley Brown: Enforcing the law

As I started to read the March 20 Craig Daily Press, the headline “Sheriffs won’t enforce gun laws” got my attention. Sheriffs won’t enforce gun laws — how can that be? They are the chief law enforcement officers in the county and they won’t enforce the law?

As I read the article I saw they were talking about the gun laws passed by the Colorado Legislature and signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper. I am certainly not anti-gun. I carried a gun as a law enforcement officer (game warden) for 25 years. I grew up on a ranch and cannot remember there not being guns in the house. My very livelihood depended on hunting, and I now own several guns.

However, I do agree with these new laws (restricting high-capacity magazines and mandating background checks for all gun sales). Now I read that the sheriff will not enforce these laws passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor. The courts may strike these laws down, but for now they are the law. I thought the sheriffs most likely took an oath to enforce the laws of Colorado. I don’t think they can enforce only the laws they agree with.

Charley Brown