Changes to proposed marijuana ordinance would allow license revocation after one underage sale |

Changes to proposed marijuana ordinance would allow license revocation after one underage sale

Craig City Council amended its new marijuana ordinance for one of the last times Tuesday night and moved to table its unofficial passage until after a public hearing at council’s next regular meeting.

At their Sept. 24 regular meeting on Tuesday, council members had the option of passing a resolution containing Craig’s proposed marijuana ordinance, which will go before voters in November.

But, without the presence of Councilman Tony Bohrer, council decided to table the ordinance, for now.

“We should probably be a full council before we make any decisions on this,” said Councilman Paul James.

There was also Councilman Chris Nichols’ issue with a single sentence in the ordinance’s enforcement language. The wording stated infractions related to identification and the sale of marijuana to underage persons “shall not be grounds” for a revocation of any future marijuana dispensary’s license to sell in Craig.

“I’m still not really happy with section M,” Nichols said Tuesday night. “…I have a hard time with that. When we are protecting these establishments more than we are our youth, I have a problem with that.”

Councilman Brian MacKenzie pointed out council might want to have some consistency in its similar treatment of other businesses.

“If we do change it on that, we need to change it on the alcohol,” MacKenzie said.

James agreed.

“As long as we’re going to maintain consistency, I’m fine with that,” James said.

Nichols soon made a motion to remove the section M sentence entirely. There was some discussion before Councilman MacKenzie seconded.

“That gives us the power as the licensing board,” Nichols said.

City Attorney Sherman Romney said the city should iron out such details and assert their power as the local marijuana licensing authority.

“It’s your job as the liquor licensing authority, and now maybe as the marijuana licensing authority, to decide what your scope of authority is going to be,” Romney said.

Romney noted the new ordinance has language that will allow council to adapt to changing times.

“In the future, we want to be able to adapt to the best practices as they are going forward,” Romney said.

The motion to allow council the discretion to revoke a dispensary license after one underage sale passed with Councilors James and Steve Mazzuca voting no.

Almost immediately after Nichols enforcement motion passed, Councilman MacKenzie motioned to draft a three-strike rule when it came to underage sales. Nichols seconded, but the motion failed after some discussion with councilors James, Mazzuca, Camp, and Mayor Jarrod Ogden voting no.

“So it’s discretionary,” Ogden said Tuesday night of council’s discretion under the ordinance to revoke a license due to an underage sale.

Nichols then motioned to table the ordinance until council’s next regular meeting when a public hearing will be held for Craig residents to see the ordinance and make their feelings heard.

That motion passed unanimously.

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