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Census Bureau recruits workers

Tyler Baskfield

People looking for some extra spending cash in the year 2000 may be in luck.

The Census Bureau is recruiting from communities within Colorado, hiring workers to help conduct Census 2000. Hiring workers is the first order of business for Census 2000. Thousands of census takers will be needed for the Colorado region and they will have to be trained.

To be completed successfully, the census will need qualified applicants in every neighborhood. According to the Census Bureau, this strategy will ensure the most accurate census possible.

“We are recruiting people to work within their neighborhoods because they are most familiar with the residents and their community,” said Denver Regional Director Susan Lavin. “Our goal is to have a pool of local people who want to work on Census 2000 and who are committed to a successful count in their neighborhood.”

Since unemployment is low the Census Bureau will have to get creative with hiring strategies to find the large number of applicants needed to fill the positions. The bureau will target people already working, as well as seniors, retirees, and military and federal workers taking a second or third job to supplement income. Recruiting efforts will also center around recipients of government programs such as welfare recipients as part of the Census Bureau’s Welfare to Work initiative.

Job applicants must take a written test that measures basic job skills, and meet certain requirements before being hired as a census worker. All applicants must be 18 years old and must pass a background check for criminal history. Paid training will be provided.

Ron #Bell, local census office manager, believes the census provides a good opportunity for local workers.

“We are optimistic that we have the opportunity to hire some local people to help distribute the questionnaires,” said Bell. “We will be doing the actual hiring and training in early February and we will start distributing the questionnaires in March. It provides a great opportunity for people to make some extra money and get out into their community.”

Moffat County has 30 job openings among 5,655 for the state of Colorado. The Census Bureau wants to recruit 15 employees from Rio Blanco County and another 80 in Routt County. People who are interested are asked to call the Census Job Line at (888) 325-7733.