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‘Celebrity staff’ assists with Golden Cavvy fundraiser in Craig

Lila Herod, right, clears the table for Golden Cavvy customers Dean and Audrey Gent. Herod, Moffat County's Clerk and Recorder, was one of about 15 Craig residents who volunteered their time during the restaurant's Christmas for Kids fundraiser Saturday.

Eating lunch at the Golden Cavvy over the weekend, 8-year-old Logan Montgomery got to see someone most people don't get a glimpse of in October — Santa Claus.

"I told him I wanted to get a remote control robot and some new dirt bike gear," Logan said. "He told me I needed to make a list because I couldn't decide."

While Logan and his brother, Luke, 5, got the chance to tell Santa what they were hoping to see under the tree come Dec. 25, their parents were making sure other children would have a pleasant Christmas.

The Montgomerys were one of many families and individuals who dined at the Golden Cavvy, 538 Yampa Ave., as part of Saturday's second annual Christmas for Kids fundraising event.

A "celebrity staff" of about 15 volunteer waiters who worked at the restaurant throughout the day collected tips for the holiday charity.

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The tips — as well as random contributions — went into the wrapping paper-covered donation box at the eatery's front counter. The Cavvy staff also sold raffle tickets for a Jägermeister dispenser.

The fundraiser originally started last year as an anniversary of the restaurant's new ownership.

"Everybody likes doing this," Cavvy owner Charlotte Gariner said. "We're pretty much just copying what we did last year because it all worked out so well."

Charlene Abdella, Carrie Sweetser and John Doane were just a few of the local residents to contribute their time to the cause.

Gariner said resident Shane Thomas was one of the biggest hits of the day, livening up the eatery for the early morning breakfast crowd.

"He was here at 6 this morning and he was great," she said. "The gals at the courthouse are always really great, too."

Moffat County Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod worked the lunch shift starting at about 11 a.m.

"The last time I waited tables was about 30 years ago, so it's been a while, but the staff here is very patient and very nice," she said. "These guys here really work hard. It's a very good cause, and I'm so glad they asked me to be a part of it this year."

Regular Cavvy waitress Donna Fox said the string of volunteers gave their all to provide solid service.

"They all do pretty good, and they pick things up fast," she said. "The whole day in general is just fun.

"Everybody, the customers and the celebrity staff, they really want to donate to the cause, and that's why it turns out really well. I think the community's been supporting it very well. Since it's the second year we've done it, a lot more people know about it."

Also circulating around the tables and booths was Jeff Patterson, dressed as jolly old Saint Nick.

"It feels wonderful being able to interact with the kids and their parents," he said. "The smiles are the most rewarding part, kids and adults."

Debbie and TJ Montgomery were glad to get a chance to donate to Christmas for Kids while their boys met Santa.

"We didn't get a chance to donate last year, but we wanted to do it this year," TJ said.

The staff of the Cavvy didn't get a tally on the funds raised this year, but Gariner said she expected it to be about the same as last year, which more than quadrupled the $500 she expected to bring in.

"Last year, we raised $2,300 for Christmas for Kids," she said. "They told us it helped 65 kids, and it really speaks to their budget making it stretch like that in an economy like this. I'm glad people in the community are always willing to reach out to each other with stuff like this."

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