CDP Editorial: Showcasing skills |

CDP Editorial: Showcasing skills

At 6 p.m. tonight Moffat County High School hosts its annual talent show.

The show, which consists almost entirely of acts put together by students, affords community members who might not have a direct connection to the high school the opportunity to experience the many talents possessed by the students at MCHS.

Some of those talents — particularly relating to athletics — are discussed and promoted a lot in these pages as well as around the community, and rightfully so.

High school athletics serve as a rallying point for a community, especially a small or rural community, and offer a form of entertainment often not otherwise available in town. They are a major source of pride and the student-athletes at MCHS deserve to be recognized for their talent and dedication.

But so too do the MCHS students whose talents don't manifest on the playing field.

Some find an outlet for their abilities in the various clubs offered at MCHS. Though not as prominent as athletics, members of clubs like the speech and debate, Future Business Leaders of America, and Distributive Education Clubs of America have the opportunity to sharpen and showcase their skills.

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But some students don't have that opportunity. Students interested in things like playing the guitar, songwriting and dance don't necessarily have a chance to display their talents in a public setting, in front of friends and family.

Tonight's show provides that opportunity. What's more, it's a chance for the students to display their creativity with little-to-no adult influence, which can go a long way toward helping young people develop their own creative voice.

Like it has so many times in the past, we hope and expect the community to attend tonight's talent show and support our young people.

Regardless of whether it's on the playing field or the stage, nurturing the creativity and talents possessed by the young people in our community will help make the future in Moffat County a bright one. And that's something we should all support.

Our View

MCHS hosts its annual talent show at 6 p.m. tonight. It is important for the community to support the development of the talents that will be displayed in tonight’s show in the same way it supports the development of athletic skills.