CDP Editorial: Grace period has sunset |

CDP Editorial: Grace period has sunset

It's a common criticism of government that it's sometimes intrusive in the affairs of private lives and businesses.

However, it appears the opposite may be true when it comes to the dilapidated site of the Craig Motel on north Yampa Avenue — a degree of government intrusion is exactly what's needed to upgrade an area that's long sat as an eyesore.

The hotel burned in a fire Oct. 21, 2009. It was an unfortunate occurrence for the local business community and motel owner Qi Lin Wu.

But, Craig city officials have been gracious in response. They've allowed Wu plenty of time to get his affairs in order and devise a plan for rehabbing the site.

City officials believed Wu was waiting for an insurance settlement to rehab the area.

The only hitch: Wu told the Craig Daily Press this week he has received the settlement and it's not enough to rebuild. He also said he and his family have moved to Cortez.

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Before we move on, let's be clear: the city has been more than fair to Wu.

The hotel owner has had 25 months to do something with the area. That city officials gave him such a grace period is a compliment to our local government's patience and willingness to work with a private resident and business owner.

But, now it's time to move forward.

The motel site is a good piece of real estate in a decent location in our community, and could be used for any number of alternatives, like a park, new housing or businesses.

The newspaper also reported this week that a resident who owns property near the motel site has struggled selling her home because potential buyers are wary of the charred hotel being so close.

The situation must be resolved — it's what's best for all parties.

Craig officials said they could begin the process of pushing Wu to do something with his property come the spring construction season.

That's an acceptable timeframe, so long as it's met and the situation doesn't continue to linger.

We hope the city continues to give property owners adequate time in improving their properties when problems exist.

But, maybe next time they should move a little sooner than two-plus years.

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Our View

Craig city officials have been more than generous and accommodating to the Craig Motel owner. But, it’s been 25 months since a fire destroyed the motel site and there’s been no progress to rehab the area. It’s time the city steps in — the motel site is a prime location that’s being wasted because it’s an eyesore and damaging to property values.