CDP Editorial: Exercise your right |

CDP Editorial: Exercise your right

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The election finally arrives Tuesday, and with it the chance to pick our new leaders. While it is important to be informed and to keep whatever the results may be in perspective, the most important thing to do is simply to vote.

After months of over-coverage, after all the negative ads, intrusive phone calls and debates that seemed to play out like boxing matches, the 2012 election season comes to a head when Election Day arrives Tuesday.

While early voting has already taken place — and those who took advantage should be commended — Tuesday is the day when we find out who our leaders will be on a local, state and national level (though some races may not be decided until at least Wednesday.)

There are many important aspects to consider when voting, like being informed. That doesn’t mean differences of opinion won’t still exist — we have them even among our staff here at the Daily Press. And there’s nothing wrong with that, people are entitled to have different values and priorities.

Being informed simply means knowing who will best represent your values.

It’s also important to remember that regardless of who wins, our country needs to move forward and continue to seek economic growth and recovery.

That doesn’t mean blindly following whoever is elected, that’s never the right answer.

It does mean trying to overcome our differences to find solutions for our problems rather than highlighting those differences by using them as a means of assigning blame.

With the taste of a bitter campaign season still on out tongues this may seem far-fetched, but we think it is not only possible but also essential to the future of our country.

But the most important aspect of the election to remember is simply to vote.

It can be easy to let the negativity of nasty campaigns temper your desire to participate in the election, especially if neither candidate seems to represent you. But the election is our only chance as citizens to change the things we don’t like about our city, county, state and nation.

And with so many important local races on Tuesday’s ballot, it would be a shame to let the stink from a few state and national races keep anyone’s voice from being heard about a local matter.

Even if your candidate doesn’t win, your participation signifies an attempt at finding a solution. Not voting has never and will never help solve anything.

So hit the polls Tuesday. It’s not only our right as Americans, it’s also the best chance we have to effect change for our country.

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