CDP Editorial: Economic encouragement |

CDP Editorial: Economic encouragement

The biggest concern for many in 2011 was, and rightly so, the state of the economy. It's a worry likely to fester and carry over into the coming new year.

But, news came out this week that leads us to believe things may begin turning around with the calendar turning the page.

This week, Craig and Moffat County residents learned that a new commercial development, the Tebo Center, a project encompassing 10,477 square feet, will be built near Walmart in west Craig.

The project will house three retail businesses, and is one of the few new commercial developments to come along in our community in recent years.

On top of this news came word from Sears Holdings Corporation that Kmart in Craig wasn't part of a preliminary list of stores to be closed in the near future.

This means, as of now anyway, that our local economy is likely to keep the 50 jobs Kmart provides along with the sales tax benefits.

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Expansion and preservation.

In difficult economic times such as these, it's worth celebrating whenever our economy can be bolstered by new projects, and maintained by keeping existing ventures intact.

That's a formula that can eventually lead to economic revival rather than ruin.

For now, it seems patience and perseverance have paid off.

But, our community can't let those be the only things we rely on in 2012 regarding the economy.

Our elected leaders can also stimulate better economic times by being creative in recruitment packages, reaching out to assist existing businesses where we can, and easing back on regulations and restrictions if possible.

All these ingredients can translate to more prosperous times ahead.

We've weathered some hardships in 2011, and perhaps come out stronger because of it.

But, the new year needs to be about more than just survival.

It needs to be about growth and expansion, and thankfully it looks today like we have a head start in that direction.

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Our View

The calendar didn’t have to turn to a new year for Craig and Moffat County to receive encouraging economic news. The prospect of a new commercial development could mean big things for our community, as would keeping a current big box retailer rather than losing it to national cutbacks.