CDP Editorial: Collaborative bond |

CDP Editorial: Collaborative bond

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The recent appearance of the Earth Dome at all the elementary schools in the Moffat Count School District as well as the Boys & Girls Club of Craig was a good chance for area students to learn in a different way. It also served as a great example of positive collaboration between community groups and educators.

Earlier this month, Friends of Moffat County Education arranged for the Earth Dome to visit all the elementary schools in the Moffat Count School District as well as the Boys & Girls Club of Craig.

The Earth Dome is a 19×22-foot large inflatable balloon that displays the earth’s surface using photographs taken from satellites on cloud free days.

Students learned about things like latitude, longitude time zones and continents during half-hour assemblies that included presentations from outside and inside the Dome.

Parents were even allowed to check it out during an open house at the Boys & Girls Club.

The immediate benefit the Dome provided area students was the chance to visually learn about our home planet in a way not usually possible right here in Craig.

And while that knowledge certainly is important, the big-picture benefit ushered in with the Dome may be the way it came to Craig and how it was utilized.

This wasn’t just an attraction brought to Craig by a group of residents trying to help. It was a calculated effort by FMCE and MCSD educators to try and expand the minds of our local students.

It was exactly the kind of joint effort that can help lead our school district where we want it to be, and we think both FMC and our local educators deserve thanks for that.

But this was more than just good collaboration, it was also excellent execution.

MCSD teachers didn’t hastily force fit lesson plans to try and make the Dome’s arrival relevant, they tailored their lesson plans to ensure their students were prepared to get the most out of their Earth Dome experience they possibly could.

Once again, organizers and educators deserve praise for displaying such collaborative, out-of-the-box thinking.

We look forward to seeing more as FMCE as well as groups like Commitment To Excellence and The Moffat County Booster Club continue to forge fruitful relationships with educators in the Moffat County School District.

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