CDP Editorial: Active awareness |

CDP Editorial: Active awareness

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October is breast cancer awareness month, and we want to send our gratitude to those in the community that are actively involved in the fight against this terrible disease, both during October as well as throughout the year. We also encourage anyone who wants to help the cause to start this month.

When a symbol or logo is used often, it can start to lose its potency.

Despite existing for more than two decades, this fate has not befallen the pink ribbon, which since the early 1990s has been the international symbol for breast cancer awareness, and one that is widely used and recognized.

At no time is this more apparent than October, breast cancer awareness month.

Throughout the month, businesses and organizations on a local, national and international level are engaging in special projects and promotions utilizing the color pink. It’s bright presence serves as a stark reminder of the heavy toll the disease has taken on the world.

And Moffat County is no exception. In fact there probably isn’t a single person in the community whose life hasn’t been touched in some way by breast cancer.

It’s a sad fact, but one that also highlights exactly why it is so vital that research into a cure for the disease is a process that must continue uninterrupted.

Fortunately, the pink ribbon is more than just a reminder of what breast cancer has taken. It also serves as a beacon of hope for those who are battling the disease as well as a symbol of society’s pledge to remember those who are afflicted and to continue battling on their behalf.

And once again, Moffat County is no exception.

All across the community, residents are taking action to promote breast cancer awareness, whether it’s a business donating proceeds from a special event, a nonprofit organization making a special effort to distribute information, or simply a private resident choosing to wear or display a pink ribbon.

We want to send a big thank you to community members who have participated in promoting breast cancer awareness this month, as well as throughout the year. October may be breast cancer awareness month but the fight is one that needs to be sustained year-round, and your efforts could not be assisting a more worthy cause.

We also want to tell anyone who wants to start supporting the fight against breast cancer that October is a great time to start. It can be as simple as buying a box of cereal with a pink display on its back or dropping a few dollars into a bucket — every little bit goes a long way.

Even though breast cancer has taken so much from us so far and the mountain we have to climb to find a cure may seem insurmountable, the only way the disease can truly win is if we stop fighting it.

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