Cathy Copeland: Issues with school practices, policies |

Cathy Copeland: Issues with school practices, policies

Cathy Copeland

— My child started his first year of high school this year and knowing that it would be a challenge, I tried to inform of what would be expected.

But I was the one who learned something new.

In PE class, they were starting their tennis portion of the class, and I was told that they were asked to bring their own rackets because of the lack of rackets in the PE department or the shoddy condition the ones they have are in.

Secondly, I find out that the tennis courts weren’t ready for the kids so my kid was asked to pull weeds.

Do they not have grounds keepers for this? People who get paid to do this? Also, in these few starter days of school, I had a permission slip come home asking for my permission to let other students grade my child’s papers stating that this practice is of huge importance in how they learn.

I am sorry, but this is the educator’s job; not my child’s.

So many things are wrong with this.

I know that the teachers don’t get paid enough, but I do pay taxes and work hard to make sure my child has a good education.

What are my taxes going for and soon will be asked to support another tax increase for Moffat County School District.

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that this is wrong.

Cathy Copeland