Caroline Dotson: Thank you, teachers |

Caroline Dotson: Thank you, teachers

Editor’s note: The following letter was written for the teachers of Moffat County by Craig resident Caroline Dotson, who also submitted it as a letter to the editor.

Dearest brave teacher Mrs Snow and Ms Ponikvar and all teachers of Moffat County:

I am sure you have as much apprehension about teaching at school today as I do about sending my dear boys to learn today.

But as you push through and I push through, I hope that time will lesson that apprehension and we will fall into normality. It will never be the same. Our world has changed too much.

I want to encourage you today as you teach, love and care for many little ones. I trust in a God that allows me to be bold during my time of fear and I know my fears turns to courage through prayer.

I don’t know what your faith is but I do know that just like those teachers in Newton you will protect and comfort my little one during any event, whether peaceful or horrific.

Thank you for heroism, even if you haven’t had to exercise it yet, I know you would.

I thank God for the many brave teachers and students returning to school today. And I pray for those who are still discouraged and shaken by the recent events. Whenever tragic events occur our small communities pull together tighter and closer and compassionately. For this I am grateful.

Pray today in remembrance and I pray today for our grieving country. But mostly I pray that God will be glorified through these tragic events and that we will look to him for comfort now and in the future.

Thanks Mrs Snow and Ms Ponikvar, and all teachers of Moffat County.

Caroline Dotson


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