Carol Haskins: Reader says 1A information misleading |

Carol Haskins: Reader says 1A information misleading

I am sending this communication, as I was unable to attend the public hearing on Monday. Many of these issues, I have already discussed with Commissioner Ray Beck.

First of all, you have completely misled the community and misrepresented the thoughts and opinions of the original Community Task Force. Most of the original influencers you invited to be on the task force quit participating because you were not listening or wanting to hear what they said. We asked for budget figures as to where revenue was coming from and where cuts had been made at the first meeting, so we could make informed decisions. To this day, we have not seen any concrete and specific figures.

We do know you spent roughly $100,000 on a priority-based budgeting plan without any input from the public prior to allotting the dollars. What have we got to show for this plan, which every business owner, rancher, or anyone with a checkbook has to use on a regular basis? Then, you voted to spend $20,000 to contract the George K. Baum group to help you organize a group of influencers to help you get your agenda passed. When that failed, because the original influencers did not cooperate, you severed the relationship with them.

From being involved on the task force, it was very evident that no outside ideas were welcome nor appreciated. By the way, where has Loudy-Simpson gone in this equation? How will the dollars originally allotted for the library and museum now be spent? How about refiguring or rescheduling time worked to prevent overtime pay and contracting out services, and where did the hiring freeze go? Isn’t the medical clinic on Russell Street in direct competition with our county hospital? Another question (as you can see, I’m full of them, if you are still reading): Will we be de-Brucing it, as outlined in TABOR? The ballot language for Moffat County Referred Measure 1A states the measure is “a voter approved revenue change and an exception to the limits which would otherwise apply under Article X, Section 20, of the Colorado Constitution or any other law.” I guess I just need clarification.

I see this whole mill levy issue as a blackmail approach to the community. The task force did not initiate this. The Board of County Commissioners did! We received notice of it at our third meeting, with no input from the task force. If this mill levy fails to pass, it is because the community is asking you to do your job. That is what you were elected to do, not that they want the museum or the library to close. If the population continues to decline, and our property values depreciate, where are we then? When will we run out of bandaids? The locals can only afford so much. I guess I compare it to the story of the widow’s mite. This increase may not be much for some, but it may be all for others.

This is not the time for such a measure to be brought forth, with all the other tax measures proposed on the ballot. The commercial businesses (who pay the lion’s share of the taxes anyway), will be the hardest hit. How many businesses have a value less than $100,000 in this day and age?

I totally agree with Paragraph Number 3 in the comments against the ballot measure as presented in the information sent out by Lila Herod. A false dilemma has been presented. When will the truth be exposed?

Just some food for thought. Do get out and vote!

Carol Haskins


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