Carol Balleck: Pull New Belgium |

Carol Balleck: Pull New Belgium

To the editor

I read the letter in the paper June 13 (sorry a little behind) regarding the liquor stores and bars for boycotting The New Belgium and Breckenridge Beer Co. and how ashamed she was of them. I am proud of all the bar and liquor stores for standing up for the mine and their workers. They made a bold statement saying if you support the WEG we don’t need your products. I was born here 60-plus years and know firsthand what Craig was like before. The difference between Starbucks, City Market and the Bank of the West they are corporate owned and the bars and liquor stores are private owned. Nope, it’s not fear train or following Danny Griffith the paper did a great job of putting it out there as well.

Some people, think it or not, are not going to City Market or any of the other places and you wrote in the paper, with the help of the bars and liquor stores boycotting the beer the word got out and 454 other companies pulled out of the Wild Earth Gardens. And you can bet it was a blow to them. My husband has been a coal miner for 35 years, and don’t think for one minute that the Wild Earth Gardens won’t come after the rest of mines here. Then try to sell your home. Many years ago Denver blamed all their bad air on coal I think it’s when Roy Rommer was governor then so they did all these test on the air there so they could prove it was all coal’s fault, but what happened was they found out Denver is in a spot shaped like a light bulb and less than 10 percent was coal — the rest was automobiles. After that they left us alone, but now they are coming again in a different way but still the same. Anger, you bet, but we don’t go to their jobs or home and say oh time to get out there are a lot of other good beers out there as far as the good faith donations the companies made maybe they all will step back and look at the people they donate to. As far as drastic, it’s just beer.

As far as neighbors, yes, we are. But if behaving badly is standing up for our Mines and the people that work there, then, so be it, and if you think Craig is so ugly, there are four ways out there.

Carol Balleck


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