Carl K. Chapman: Vote for Moe |

Carl K. Chapman: Vote for Moe

To the editor:

I would like to support Frank Moe for Moffat County commissioner.

However, first I have some questions about Mr. Soos, Frank’s opponent. What qualifies a person who holds the position of emergency management coordinator to be a county commissioner? The only dealings I ever had with a person in that position was quite a few years ago. The coordinator at the time (not Tom Soos) came before the fire department to which I belonged and informed us he was going to have all the brush and trees removed from Fortification Creek that runs through Craig so the water could run through faster and not flood. It would work just the opposite, washing the banks away. He left our meeting quickly to never return.

We have no warning system here to warn us of a tornado, major fire, etc. When the fire department remodeled, they took the big siren down because they use a pager system. Why hasn’t that siren been utilized by the emergency management department? How would any of us know if we were in eminent danger? Why do we even need this position when we have a Sheriff’s Department, Police Department, State Patrol, Craig Fire/Rescue, sheriff’s fire and BLM fire all who are well-trained people who coordinate well together? Craig Fire Rescue also handles HAZ-MAT for the area. Personally, I feel we do not need a full-time emergency coordinator.

However, I do feel Frank Moe is qualified to be a commissioner for our county. He is a business man who runs a very successful business. Frank was responsible for bringing a presidential candidate to our town. Anyone who has contacts to do that is well qualified enough to bring businesses to this area and represent this area on a state and national level.

Carl K. Chapman