Carl Chapman: Tired of tax threats |

Carl Chapman: Tired of tax threats

To the editor:

How many more threats will we taxpayers receive before election day on services that will be discontinued if 1A doesn’t pass?

First, Saed Tayyara made the statement there would be no mosquito spraying, no roads graded and limited snowplowing.

Secondly, Commissioner Steele threatens us with no funds for the regional airport, which employees a number of Moffat County people.

Commissioner Gray states he has a problem spending our money on the airport that is not located in our county. Is he the representative on the Economic Development Committee for Craig and Moffat County? Sure hope not.

With these kinds of threats and statements, these public officials have proven that apparently they have limited experience in balanced budgets and decision-making.

I realize that commissioners salaries are requested by the state. Isn’t it odd that none offer to donate a portion back to the county? With this donated money, a qualified county manager could be hired.

The Craig City Council members receive $200 a month. The majority are qualified successful business people who rely on a very efficient and knowledgeable city manager to present to them a balanced budget. This year, they are even hiring some new employees. Wonder how they do it?

Surrounding counties (Garfield for one, which has had a gas and oil boom) have county managers. It’s odd how one never hears of their counties threatening to cut necessary services.

These commissioners might say that we can’t afford a county manager. My experience as a past city council member proved one thing to me. That is that City Manager Jim Ferree returned his salary to the taxpayers two or three-fold yearly. His wise business decisions, his knowledge of government funding agencies and his diplomatic handling of city personnel shows what can be done.

I think we as taxpayers need to make a statement by voting no on 1A. They can live within their budget. We have to.

P.S. — Please vote yes on 1B. Your money will be wisely used for a very good cause.

Carl Chapman


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