Car drives into Craig Maurices Saturday |

Car drives into Craig Maurices Saturday

A tow truck hauls a vehicle from the front of Maurices following a crash Saturday afternoon.
Andy Bockelman/staff

CRAIG — A vehicle went through the front window of Craig clothing store Maurices Saturday afternoon.

Craig Police Department was on the scene just before 3 p.m. after a crossover SUV drove into the display window next to the shop’s front entrance.

According to police, Cheryl Dalton, the driver of the Cadillac SRX, was attempting to park in front of the store when she unintentionally hit the accelerator, jumped the curb and smashed into the building.

“Nothing too catastrophic, luckily nobody got hurt,” said Officer Grant Laehr.

Also responding were Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Craig Fire/Rescue to assist with extrication.

Police are not releasing the name of the driver, who was uninjured. The vehicle sustained minor damage to its front end with more damage to the undercarriage as a result of hitting the curb.

There were no customers or employees near the display window at the time of the accident.

Staff member Eliana Mack said she and her coworkers happened to be around the register near the rear of the women’s fashion store when the car struck.

“All I saw was the wall move and I heard a really loud banging sound,” she said.

Employees were dismissed for the day as the store temporarily closes while awaiting approval from the company to reopen after repairs take place.

Supervisors Megan Smith and Jessica Stewart said they hope the shutdown will only be a couple days.

“We want to open back up as soon as possible,” Smith said.


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