Canine carcass uncovered near Craig causes concern |

Canine carcass uncovered near Craig causes concern

Sasha Nelson

— The February thaw uncovered the remains of a pet dog earlier this week, leading to an investigation of possible animal cruelty or dumping that proved to be unfounded.

“It appears that a homeowner tried to dispose of a canine that passed away earlier this winter. It was buried and as the snow has melted, it exposed the dog,” said Moffat County Sherriff KC Hume.

A passerby noticed the dog and called the newspaper, noticeably upset, to request an investigation.

Craig Police Department Community Service Officer Josh Wright initially responded, but it took a couple of searches before the dead dog was located.

“The dog was some distance away from the road. There was no chip or identifying information on the dog, and the animal was disposed,” Hume said.

Local laws govern the disposal of deceased pets.

“Any dead animal shall be disposed of by the owner or custodian immediately by burial outside the city limits, incineration in a state-approved facility, rendering or other state-approved means. No dead animal shall be dumped or abandoned on any public or private property, except for a governmental authorized landfill,” states to City of Craig municipal code.

Frozen ground or deep snow may prevent adequate burial of the dog that created the concern.

“In the winter, if unable to bury, I would recommend choosing another method of disposal,” Wright said.

There are area options for the proper disposal of pet remains.

Bear Creek Animal Hospital accepts pet remains including of those pets that have not died under care of the clinic, said Veterinary Technician Jessie Staker.

Depending on the owner’s wishes they coordinate disposal at the county landfill or cremation by Northern Lights Pet Crematory located in Craig.

“If someone has questions about disposal they can contact the Craig Police Department at 970-826-2360 or the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office at 970-824-4495,” Wright said.

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