Candle sale successful fund-raiser for local school |

Candle sale successful fund-raiser for local school

Lee Harstad

Selling the number one consumer product in the world, East Elementary School students used candles to raise funds for their school. Sponsored by Home Interiors and its area director, Debi Garoutte, and the East Elementary Parent Advisory Committee, students hit the streets and sold 4,416 candles.

Earning $1 for each candle sold, students raised $4,416.

“We are trying to improve playground equipment and help out with field trips,” Garoutte said.

East Elementary students sold the candles to a willing community, according to Garoutte, who said community members actually were waiting for the salespeople to come to their doors.

“When I went to the bank, the courthouse and other places, people were waiting to buy some candles,” Garoutte said.

According to East Elementary Principal Guy Gladden, this grass-roots effort has been incredibly successful.

“We have a wonderful group of parent volunteers and we are very grateful for that,” Gladden said. “They have done things with every facet in the school.”

Gladden agreed many people were looking forward to the sale after last year, and sales are up from last year.

According to Garoutte, last year 268 students of 300 participated in the sale and sold 3,708 candles. This year, 209 of 277 students took to the streets and sold 4,416.

Students had two weeks to sell their product.

Candles have become the number one consumer item because, according to Garoutte, people like to “cocoon” in their homes away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Setting a challenge for the top three sellers to receive prizes, the top seller, Mychaela Howard, a kindergartner, sold 130 candles. She was crowned queen of sales and received $50 in the form of Bonus Bucks to be used throughout Craig, a $5 movie or game rental from J.C. Flicks, including popcorn and ice cream. Mychaela commented she had a good time selling the candles and she credits her mom with helping her.

Third-grader Mackenzie Jowell sold 100 candles and Johnathon Ages, a fourth-grader, also sold 100. Both Jowell and Ages received $30 in Bonus Bucks, the movie rental and popcorn and ice cream, and were also appreciative of the help of their parents. They also seemed to enjoy selling candles.

“It was fun because I got to meet a lot of new people,” Jowell said.

Organizers of the fund-raiser set a goal for each student to sell 30 candles. Fifty-six students met that goal and received the certificate for J.C. Flicks.

Every student participating in the sales received ice cream during an awards assembly.

“They make so many cuts with the school system that we have to do whatever we can,” Garoutte said. “And community members have just been excellent.”