Candidate: Increases in county government not justified |

Candidate: Increases in county government not justified

To the Editor:

It seems to correspond with several other things that have happened recently that the Moffat County commissioners would come out with two lengthy letters, just before the actual voting day, trying to justify their recently created level of bureaucracy just below the county commissioner level. They are also trying to justify why the emergency fund levels are as low as they are, particularly the cash portion.

We have some excellent employees working for Moffat County. These employees are typified by the department heads that they work under. These department heads, under the newly created public works director position, have many years experience at their jobs for Moffat County. The amount of personal supervision that these experienced employees need to do their job successfully is minimal.

The new director of public works was instructed to put together a plan showing where each department should be in ten years. This man was from the Wasatch Front Range in Utah, and has no history with Moffat County. The burden of this report was then delegated down to the department heads, who have been here for years, to complete. This was originally to have been done in the busy summer season instead of waiting for long winter days here in Moffat County. These levels of bureaucracy are all similar. They require paper work to justify their existence. This paperwork is usually generated at a lower level, by request, from employees who are busy trying to get the work done they were hired to do. This is the case concerning our public works director position. If this continues, the department heads will be required to employ an additional person just to generate paper work to justify the director position.

Our population has increased very little here in Moffat County over the last ten years. I fail to see the justification for a large increase in our county government and our bureaucratic spending, particularly in a down turning economy. We are asking for budget cuts from county departments, where the work actually gets done, and at the same time are increasing expenditures at the top levels of county government.

When the county commissioners, in their letter to the editor, talk about 50 employees working 40 hours overtime per week for 8 weeks and having cash reserve to cover this, they are mistaken. Do the math, $480,000 would take care of the employee portion of that scenario, but would leave nothing for fuel, repairs, tires, tire chains, etc. What happens if you need to work all of your snow plowing equipment 24 hours per day 7 days a week for that eight-week period? Ask some of the old timers in Moffat County about the severe winters we have had in the past. It could happen again.

Thank you for your time in reading this answer to the commissioners letters to the editor. If elected I will work hard for all the people of Moffat County to hold down expenses of government especially in these times of an economic downturn. I believe with the upcoming election, the voters will give the Board of County Commissioners a clear cut direction that they want their government to take.

Darryl Steele,

Candidate for Moffat County Commissioner

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