Candidate for sheriff addresses Bears Ears Tea Party |

Candidate for sheriff addresses Bears Ears Tea Party

Erin Fenner
KC Hume, operations chief for Moffat County Sheriff’s office, is running uncontested to be Moffat County sheriff.
Erin Fenner

KC Hume, operations chief for Moffat County Sheriff’s office, is running uncontested to be Moffat County sheriff.
Erin Fenner

KC Hume, operations chief for Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, and candidate for Sheriff addressed the Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots on Thursday night.

Hume recently became the uncontested candidate for the open sheriff seat. At the Republican County Assembly on March 29, Hume received overwhelming support from the delegates, and his only opponent, Deputy Larry Dalton, did not get the necessary minimum delegate vote to move forward in the election.

“Law enforcement has always been a love of mine,” Hume said, and came to the decision to run for sheriff with his family. “When we made the decision to run for Moffat County sheriff, we made the decision together. We had some deep discussions as a family about what that meant.”

Unless an independent candidate steps forward, Hume pretty much has a guaranteed spot as county sheriff.

So the conversation at the Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots meeting was mostly informal. Hume detailed the reasons why he wanted to be sheriff and addressed some issues the sheriff’s department could face.

Hume began running for the position because he wanted to give back to the community while pursuing a passion. He said he owed his successes to those around him.

“I’ve got to work with some phenomenal people,” he said. “My successes in my personal life and my professional life, I owe to those around me. Any individual who chooses to lead in a vacuum is destined to fail.”

As sheriff, Hume would want the community to trust him, and would keep an open-door policy.

“I have always been about building relationships and building trust,” he said.

He pressed that remaining loyal to the federal and state constitutions would be a priority.

“If I’m successfully elected, I will be a constitutional sheriff,” Hume said.

George Durham, a Moffat County resident, asked Hume about Second Amendment issues.

“How do you feel about the rights of individuals who carry — who are armed?” he said. “How do you feel about an armed person in our schools?”

Hume insisted that he was stalwartly in favor of protecting Second Amendment rights.

“I’m a huge Second Amendment supporter, proponent,” he said. “I know what our community is about. I grew up with a rifle — grew up hunting.”

He also said that having armed staff in schools keeps schools safer.

“It creates a greater deterrence,” Hume said.

The group also discussed the tension between local governance and the federal government.

“How do you feel you can draw the line between bad decisions and upholding the laws that you have to?” asked resident Robert Whitehead.

Hume assured the group that he always would support the values of Moffat County.

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