Candidate Column: Heidi Ganahl for governor |

Candidate Column: Heidi Ganahl for governor

Heidi Ganahl
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Heidi Ganahl
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I’m Heidi Ganahl, a Mom on a Mission to be your next governor, to be a voice for all of Colorado.

My favorite part of campaigning is getting out into small-town Colorado. I have traveled the state for six years as a University of Colorado Regent, and for more than a year now as a candidate for governor. The more I travel our beautiful state, the more I hear loud and clear that the people in the small towns of Colorado don’t feel heard. They’re very worried about their industries, whether it’s the energy industry, cattle ranching, farming or a small businesses.

Rural Colorado faces unique challenges with issues like energy and water. Issues that I have big, bold ideas to address. But, the areas outside Denver and Boulder also face the very real issues all of Colorado faces — soaring crime, out of control inflation and cost of living, and an education system that is failing our children.

I’m an entrepreneur who has lived the American Dream, right here in Colorado. I started a small business, and with a lot of hard work and a little luck, I was able to turn it into the nation’s largest pet care franchise, Camp Bow Wow. I’m running so that my kids and your kids have access to that very same dream. Colorado is heading in the wrong direction. We need a new governor who will protect that American Dream from out of touch, extreme policies.

In the last four years, Colorado has become one of the most dangerous places to work, live and raise a family. Soft on crime policies have made us number one in auto theft, property crimes, and bank robberies and number two in fentanyl deaths.

I’m proud of my record. I’m a problem solver, an outsider, not a politician. We are what our record says we are and right now, our state is facing record crime, record inflation, drug problems and the fact that 60% of our kids cannot perform at grade level.

Let’s make Colorado safe again by returning to law and order. We must reintroduce truth in sentencing and bail reform, so that career criminals stay in jail. We must fire the parole board and replace them with people ready to enforce the law. We must treat open drug use as the crime it is and make possession of any amount of fentanyl a felony. We must end Colorado’s status as a sanctuary state so that we stop the flow of drugs into our state. And, most importantly, we must support law enforcement. I’m the daughter of a reserve police officer. I know we need to help law enforcement with training and recruiting efforts, and not demonize them.

Let’s make Colorado affordable by putting more of your hard money back into your pockets. As governor, I will take us to zero percent income tax, cut the size of government by 10% each year in office, cut the gas tax in half and still fix our roads.

Let’s fix education and make our kids the priority by giving power back to parents in a powerful partnership with teachers. We need to ensure there is true school choice and that the funding follows the family so that parents can make better choices for their kids if the school they are in is not meeting their needs.

Let’s revitalize rural Colorado, respect the farmers, ranchers, miners, small towns across our beautiful state. We need to make sure that decisions about Colorado water rights are made here in Colorado by Coloradans. We need to stand up to the federal government instead of inviting them in to mediate our water negotiations.

We need to get our energy workers back to work by reducing regulations and promoting an all of the above energy approach. We all want a clean environment and an energy plan that includes renewables. But, we cannot recklessly push toward an approach that is not ready to support our energy needs. Finally, let’s appoint members of our ag, ranching, oil and gas industries to the boards and commissions that oversee their industries.

Like I said, I’m a Mom on a Mission. My husband Jason and I have four beautiful children, Tori, Hollie, Jack and Jenna. I am fighting for them and for your children. We need to unleash Colorado’s potential and unite our state.

I ask that you hold Gov. Jared Polis accountable for his record. I ask for your support on Nov. 8. Thank you.

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