Cammi Balleck: Tribute to Lex Burton |

Cammi Balleck: Tribute to Lex Burton

To the editor:

Pa — Grandpa Lex

The range was his home,

Far from his saddle he did not roam.

His hands knew of wrenches, ropes and wire.

Many hours he parked his wagon, and stayed warm by the camp fire.

He had the cowboy heart, “get-er-done” and more,

He had a smile as big as his hat, and was ornery to the core.

Roundin’ em up and loadin’ em he worked cattle all around,

His rope was braided the old fashion way, and the hondo leather bound.

He loved the green grass and the sky of blue,

He was brave, fair, solid, and true.

He worked hard for his children, they all called him Pa.

He was happy to be a good husband, and really loved their Ma.

He was honest to the bone, and a man of his word,

And like all cowboys he slept with one eye shut, and one eye on his herd.

On the trail is how he spent his days,

He was a joker, he even loved to chuckle at his own ways.

His life was spent in the barn doing chores,

He knew the needs of horses, cattle and sheep come before ours.

He liked his ditches clean of weeds, and put’n up tons of hay,

He thanked the Heavenly Father for his blessings,

And at night he folded his arms to pray.

For pleasure he’d corral wild horses, liked to start ‘em as a colt,

He wasn’t scared a bit, liked the buck, ’en would wait for the bolt.

“Don’t slam the car door,” he was known for his meticulous care,

And he had a pile of parts just in case he needed a spare.

He roped and cornered mustangs, calmly gained their trust,

And if there was music playin’ you would find him dancin’ in the dust.

“He wasn’t scared of the dark, just what was in the dark.”

Hunting arrow heads; he would lose track of time in Browns Park.

He ate salted crackers with his ice cream,

And sleeping under the sheep wagon is where he liked to dream.

He of course loved kids, as he was just a big one himself,

And when someone needed a hand, he was always the first who helped.

He’s now up in heaven; his work on earth is done.

No worries; he’s riding long trails in the warm sun.

“He’s okay now,” sitting at the Father’s right side,

And someday we will join him for a ride.

Cammi Balleck


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