Calden Scranton: Be mindful of money |

Calden Scranton: Be mindful of money

To the editor

As a recent graduate, I am currently learning the road of the adult life. There are hard decisions to make and I’m realizing that there are things that are more important than others. This fall, I will be attending university and am learning the concept of really saving money. This is difficult for me because I am used to daily coffee from Starbucks. 

Looking at the school district I am now an Alumni of, I see a problem that directly mirrors my own. I can’t help but see the issue of iPads creating a mess. Like the coffee I love and enjoy, iPads are an amenity, and a great resource that could help increase learning but the cost effectiveness doesn’t seem wise. As a former student at Moffat County High School, I have personally experienced the already existing lack of classroom funding. The past four years of high school I have watched curriculum come and go, without much time to really prove its worth. I was also in classes that did not even have textbooks and the teacher had to make packets using the only textbook available. 

This lack of funding affects teachers and their resources. Teachers, who are our most valuable resource, should be given more funding to bring in the curriculum they deem the best. They should also be provided more funding to purchase resources for labs and field trips; opportunities that will allow students to experience the real world. I know countless teachers who have to spend their own money in order to help give us a decent education.

I think as we look at purchasing iPads for students, maybe we should really look at some of the issues at hand that need to be solved first. There is no problem with having iPads in classes, but is spending our limited funding really a wise decision when there are classes that don’t even have textbooks? Wouldn’t it be better to look for funding for these amenities elsewhere? When making decisions about what should be in the classroom, we should ask teachers — not just a few — but every teacher. They know first hand what they need in order to teach.

Teachers are our most valuable resource, everything else is just added amenities to enhance educational opportunity. I do love my coffee, but am realizing that my money needs to be used more wisely to save and invest in my education. I think that we all could take a lesson from really looking at the longevity of our decisions and what are our most important resources. Coffee tastes good in the moment, but my education will eventually lead me to a life-long career. iPads are nice, but become outdated rather quickly. Teachers will teach, make connections with kids, and will have an impact that will last a lifetime.

Calden Scranton


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