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C. Coty: Craig

To the Editor:

I think the people of Craig owe the fire department a big “thank you” for its dedication to our community and a huge apology. Two years ago, the Craig Fire Department asked us for a mill levy increase and the people of Craig slapped them in the face. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect our homes, our businesses, and help our family members when they are in need. The firefighters sacrifice time with their family and friends to do endless hours of training so they are prepared to help us in any situation. And, yet, when they asked us to help them — we said “no!”

If you are one of those people who chose to slap them in the face, I hope that you never have the need for their help. However, if the time ever arises when they have to show up to help you, I hope you stop to say “thank you” and plan to help them with their financial needs.

If you know the families of these incredible people, you should stop to say “thank you” to them also.

The fire department needs to replace equipment so it can continue to protect our community and the only way this will happen is with a mill levy increase. I hope the people of Craig step forward and do what should have been done two years ago. Say “yes!”

C. Coty