Passion for running, hiking leads Grivy family to bring new retail option to Craig |

Passion for running, hiking leads Grivy family to bring new retail option to Craig

Nathan Grivy, left, and Brandy Grivy pose for a photo in their under-construction new store, The 14er, which will sell high-quality running and hiking gear in Craig once opened in December.
Cuyler Meade / Craig Press

Nathan Grivy hadn’t run for years.

In fact, the first time Grivy laced up an old pair of sneakers and got out for a run, it was the first time he’d done it with any real intention since his days in the military a veritable lifetime ago. What happened next — an almost immediate foot injury thanks, in part, to unsuitable footwear — could have ended Grivy’s nascent efforts to find a new passion before they could even get going.

Instead, that setback years ago has directed him forward ever since.

With his wife, Brandy, Nathan Grivy is a few weeks away from opening a new retail offering in Craig that will work to overcome the problem Grivy discovered when he started running again by providing quality, appropriately fit shoes and other gear to runners both brand-new and experienced.

“I was reading a book, and at the end it said to write down what your perfect day would be,” Nathan Grivy said. “That evolved into this. I have a business degree, so I wrote a business plan that looked at how I could incorporate my love for running and for the outdoors into a store. Something that represents this corner of Colorado. What can we do that’s different than anyone else? That’s how we got to this store.”

The Grivys are the owners of a soon-to-open store in Craig called The 14er. The storefront, located at 424 Russell Street, is on track to hopefully open mid-December, as the Grivys’ feet are in motion.

“There’s nothing like this around,” Brandy Grivy said. “Even going to Steamboat Springs, it’s not really there anymore — Twisted Trails was but went out of business — and that’s actually how we got thrown into this so quick. Twisted Trails was going out of business, and (the owner) was getting rid of everything, so we worked out a deal.”

The 14er will offer, among other things, personalized treadmill-monitored gait analysis to help customers determine exactly what type of shoe their feet and body need to be most successful.

“We want to make sure they get into the shoes they need,” Brandy Grivy said. “We’ll see what’s going on with your stride. Do you need zero drop? Are you pronating (or) supinating? (We) will get you the right shoe.”

For Nathan Grivy, the passion and enjoyment he’s discovered in running and hiking is what fuels the desire to bring this business to Craig.

“If you decided tomorrow you want to start running and have no knowledge of what you’re doing, went down, bought a pair of shoes at Payless and started running, then you injure yourself right out of the gate, you’ll think, ‘Running’s not for me. That sucked,’” Nathan Grivy said. “You think you’ll never do this again, that it’s stupid. But if you’d taken a different approach, maybe had the right shoe, some education, started at a slower pace, you built up to where you wanted to be, you might have found a new passion that you do for the rest of your life.”

Grivy said that running, besides being healthy for the body, is a life-changing pursuit for him.

“It’s really turned into a kind of therapy for me,” he said. “It’s something I really enjoy, and it’s clearing my head after a long day.”

The store, named after Colorado’s dozens of iconic 14,000-foot peaks, will also sell hiking, ultralight camping and even some hunter-appropriate gear, the Grivys said.

On top of that, a juice, smoothie and protein shake bar inside the store will, the Grivys hope, serve to help unite the community around health.

“You can’t find that stuff around here,” Brandy Grivy said. “We want to be a healthy way to go.”

Nathan Grivy envisions something really special.

“We’d love to have this place where you can come and get a healthy juice or a protein shake, maybe sit and have a drink while your wife or your husband is looking at shoes,” he said. “But then also we’ve got the Crossfit gyms up the street — Linnsfit, Trapper, Breeze Street — and what if people after a workout buzz over here, grab a shake and just hang out? Just appeal to those groups, get people over here to see what it is.”

Grivy hopes that extends to organized group runs and maybe one day local race events.

“We want to be really community-focused,” he said.

Challenges will include the price points consumers should expect with top-quality equipment but that Craig shoppers might not be used to, and a somewhat off-the-beaten-path location tucked a bit off the street on Russell between 4th and Victory.

But the Grivys believe they can overcome this and capitalize on a massive hole in the local retail space, and that this can be something that works for them and for Craig.

“I think if we take it cautiously, don’t go crazy out of the gate, we’ll grow,” Nathan Grivy said. “I think our main focus is providing quality equipment, shoes and experiences to people that will come here.”

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