Craig business owner switches to focus on internationally acclaimed invention |

Craig business owner switches to focus on internationally acclaimed invention

Kyann Mounts shows off some of her specialized Sp*hers, a fashion item she created that has taken her work all over the world.
Eliza Noe / Craig Press

Buckaroos Western Wear is closing, but it’s not because of a lack of business — it’s because so much business has gone toward another venture.

Kyann Mounts, owner of Buckaroos Western Wear, said the store isn’t closing due to a lack of business when it comes to western apparel. Sp*hers — an invention that was born last February — is now internationally known, and Mounts said that the sheer amount of orders has taken over.

“I get about 500 messages a night,” Mounts said. “That is how fast — I’ve got people from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK, messaging me to send them bulk orders to sell outside of the United States. So I shipped my first Canadian order last week and I just sent a request for my first Australian order. It is out of control.”

Mounts said that orders took off last month in December. There were more orders in the last month of 2021 than there had been in the previous 11 combined. Right now, the website for Sp*hers will be set up by the end of this month, so much of the orders go through social media messages.

Sp*hers are made up of two parts: an adjustable wire frame that can fit on the back of a shoe or boot, and the concho, which is the decorative part of the spur that also holds up the end of the wearer’s pants. They’re only for fashion, she said, and shouldn’t be confused with a traditional riding spur, but they still protect the hem of a pair of jeans, which can be damaged if they’re constantly being stepped on. That’s where the idea for Sp*hers came from.

“You’re lucky to walk out of Murdoch’s with a pair of jeans that’s under 100 bucks,” Mounts said. “Why would you want to step on them and ruin them?”

The conchos can be customizable, Mounts said, which is why they have taken off across the world. They can include initials, brands, photographs and pretty much any design that the client wants. There’s interest in states across the country, and there are plans to send wholesale orders all the way to Australia. While the increased attention toward her invention has been exciting, Mounts added that it has become overwhelming to run both the Yampa Avenue store and organize orders of Sp*hers.

“I’m not closing because this place is doing bad,” she said. “I’m not closing because I’m going bankrupt. And that’s kind of what I want the clarity to be, that I can’t do two things going out of control at the same time.”

Mounts, who was a clothing manager at Murdoch’s before opening Buckaroos, said that she would like to sell the rest of the store’s inventory as soon as possible in order to completely focus on Sp*hers. The last day for retail at the location is Feb. 19.

Mounts said that Facebook groups have become a large source of orders and interest that have boosted the popularity of Sp*hers. She targets Western wear, rodeo or cowboy groups. After enough posts in these groups, she quickly got many orders sent to her over facebook messenger. She also sends pairs to rodeo pageant winners, who hand out Mounts’s business card when they’re asked about the Sp*hers.

“I’m probably a member of over 100-150 Facebook platform groups, which are like ‘Rodeo Queen,’ ‘showmanship attire,’ ‘western clothing,’ ‘cowboy boots,’ ‘cowboy hats.’ Basically what I do is, I just choose 20 groups a week to post in. When I get posts in 20 different groups, from there, all 20 of those groups just blow up. I’ll put it on the marketplace, too.”

For now, orders can be made through Facebook until the website is completed.

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