Business news and notes for Oct. 15 |

Business news and notes for Oct. 15

West Theater offers comfort to audiences

Collin Smith

— If anyone has been to the West Theater and not liked the seats, they can sit comfortable knowing the theater will have new seats in one screen by the end of next week, manager Debbie Winder said.

“They’re nice, they’re comfy, they have cup holders and they have a high back,” she said. “We just needed new seats. It was time.”

The seats also rock slightly, kind of like a glider, Winder said.

One screen closed recently for the seats to be installed. After the seats are in, that screen will open back up and the other screen will close, Winder said. The plan is to have first screen open by Friday.

West Theater had installed new seats once before, but had not fitted the whole theater with them so seats didn’t match, Winder said. Some of the older seats had broken throughout the years as well.

A complaint theater staff shared with the customers was the absence of cup holders. Without cup holders, customers commonly put drinks on the floor, which would get knocked over. There was a mess most nights, Winder said.

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Winder thinks the improvements will make the theater more attractive to the community that has supported it for a long time, she said.

“I would watch a movie in those seats,” Winder said.

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